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heyo!  So as much as I wanted to close out blooberries {the original} on that final post, I have made some CSE errors and welp, I’m back just to make a couple clarifications.  First off, yes the URL for this site has changed, my bad.  There are now three yes, three “s” tagged onto my url as opposed to the original single “s” for my first blog.  Now that error is sort of explained more here, but to be quite honest, I have no idea what happened.  Anyway, in case you were wondering what I’ve been up to since June 12, 2013, you can check out my new and current blog HERE!  So I will just leave it at that, and I hope to see you over there at bloberriess with two “s”!  xoxo blooberries

Author: blooberries

student. vegetarian. coffee addict. photo enthusiast. experimental videographer. wannabe blogger. :)

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