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SONY DSCSo. I broke my VERY long streak of posting every night at precisely 12am, but with good reasons. So this past weekend I was in Seattle, Washington visting the University of Washington, old friends, and various iconic foodie locations. ANYWAY, I had every intention of taking full advantage of my hotel’s free wifi and I planned on using pictures I took on my phone to blog about my Seattle adventures. This was my plan that I intended to follow as I scheduled this week’s posts. However, as you may recall, among my busy schedule, the thought of creating a post on Saturday night slipped my mind. And well, to JBird’s disappointment, I failed to have a post at the strike of midnight on April 7, 2013 {what a horrible day that will be in the history of my blog}. Anyway, I thought it would only seem fit to show you a glimpse of what you missed out on while I was in Seattle, and the very reason as to my failure to keep a consistent flow of posts. My apologies, but in reality I was having way too much fun to think about y’all…..soooo #sorrynotsorry {but do not get me wrong, I still love all my fellow blooberries}.

the struggle really sets in when you check your blog to share the post via twitter and it is not there. You officially have embarked on the struggle bus when you realized you scheduled your post to publish at 12pm…instead of in the a to the m


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student. vegetarian. coffee addict. photo enthusiast. experimental videographer. wannabe blogger. :)

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