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So I have been watching The Voice and let me just tell you, Shakira is kind of my favorite. Aside from Adam Levine’s gorgeousness, Shakira is one of the few reasons I remain entertained. I do not know why, but I just love Shakira on the show! She is so sassy and fiesty, and as much as I love Xtina, I think Shakira is a much better judge! She seems so much more genuine and caring…sometimes Xtina was too harsh in my opinion. Now I do enjoy the dynamic between the judges during the blind auditions, however after that….the show kind of loses my interest. But I guess we will see how far I stay tuned. Meanwhile in honor of the great Shakira, I give you this week’s #throwback, a true classic.

{but let’s be honest…I really only watch The Voice for the judges…I mean, the comedy that is the Adam and Blake bromance. Usher’s funny leg thing. Blake just being Blake. Adam, ooomf. Shakira being her sassy little latina self. Did I already mention Adam Levine?}


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