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SONY DSCLolz. So like JBird has been bringing this amazing pasta that her pops makes in da morning for her lunch. Anyway I always scarf down her pasta when she is not looking. So today I casually exclaimed, “Why is this so good?!?! It is just salt, pepper, and cheese, it should not be this good!” When JBird turns to me, “It is because my dad cooks it in chicken broth.”

-_____- welp. That is awks. Keep in mind I am a vegetarian. Haha and as soon as my face froze JBird realized the meaning behind the words that had just slipped from her lips. Lolz. Anyway it is not really a big deal, I guess I will survive….haha oh JBird, the things we have been through together.

So in attempt to consume this delicious pasta without its animal muscley counterpart, I ventured out on my own to make my version of the pasta…welp, it did not turn out quite so well. Haha so as I opened our cupboard to get out a box of pasta, I realized that I have never actually boiled pasta on my own before…or at least not that I can recall. Anyway, it was quite the strange experience given that I am a grown seventeen-year-old girl who has no recollection of ever previously boiling pasta. Haha the pasta was not the bad part, it was what I put on it that ended quite disastrously.

I thought I would be super cool and inventive by adding some olive oil. I mean you cannot go wrong with a little olive oil right?! Right? Wrong. It was awful. I put to much olive oil and then I put too much pepper, and it was just bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.

But on the plus side turns out JBird’s pap did not actually use chicken broth. #swagmeout. Unless of course young JBird is lying to me to make me feel better about myself…perhaps that is the case…SONY DSC



Author: blooberries

student. vegetarian. coffee addict. photo enthusiast. experimental videographer. wannabe blogger. :)

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