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the struggle bus

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So I was in the midst of updating my blog with some lovely photos from last night’s Christmas party, when the unthinkable happened–I spilled a little {heavy emphasis on the little} water on my keyboard and suddenly everything’s gone whack. Of course, just my luck. Anyway so a couple if my keys weren’t working and I couldn’t finish my blog post because, well, I couldn’t type. Anyway I know that you’re supposed to put your phone in a bowl of rice if you get it wet…so I tried the equivalent with my keyboard. Eh I guess we’ll see how it works tomorrow…well, it better work because I am not dishing out $70 for a new keyboard. BOLOGNA! {betcha didn’t know that’s how you spell bologna, lulz jk I’m not going to betcha because I can’t afford to spend more moolah in this dumb H2O incident}.

Anyway, you may be wondering how I’m posting this if my keyboard is no longer functioning properly. Well fear not, in today’s modern day magical world of technology, I can properly update my blog from mah iPhone. So here I bring you my innovations.


Author: blooberries

student. vegetarian. coffee addict. photo enthusiast. experimental videographer. wannabe blogger. :)

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