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Meh. So today has been both good and bad.  First off, it’s halloween!  Although I’m not too fond of the whole dressing up ordeal…I do love me some candyyy.  Haha anyway, this morning I got my driver’s license!!!!!  It’s been a long time coming, but I finally got it!  WOO HOO!  However I came to school later because I don’t have a first period and it was late start.  But unfortunately coming to school at 10:30am, although sleeping in is a magnificent feeling, means awful parking.  So I was kind of freaked out so I drove around for a bit and couldn’t find a decent parking space so I park überrrrr far away.  So as I was walking into school I realized a was running late.  However I have civics third period and that class is kind of a joke so I wasn’t too worried about being marked tardy.  But just my luck, I casually walk in the door {among others} thirty seconds after the bell rings only to be quickly rushed back out after being told that I had been tardy swept.  Yes.  Tardy swept.  So I irritatedly accepted my tardy and one hour detention.  Meh.  So anyway, it was just quite the frustrating experience.  And then on top of all that colleges just think it’s a splendid idea to have all their apps due the day after halloween so I’ll be spending my night writing supplement essays! {in fact I’m about to head over to my friends house to have a little college-app-candy-face-stuffing-fiesta in a little bit} yaaayyyy for college.  BUT!! I do have some super cute halloween nails and a bowl full of candy to keep me company,but and in the meantime, HAPPY HALLOWEENNNN!!! Be safe and enjoy shoving your faces full of candy! 😉


Author: blooberries

student. vegetarian. coffee addict. photo enthusiast. experimental videographer. wannabe blogger. :)

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