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Pillsbury Praise

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So lately I have been  extremely stressed beyond belief.  In fact, I think I have been so stressed that my brain has simply shut down entirely.  I literally cannot focus on anything {not even on painting my nails without getting frustrated!}.  So tonight as I was wallowing in my stress my dad walked through the door with a couple bags of late night groceries…when suddenly…I spotted it.  I could see the tiny little fluff of a man commonly known as, The Pillsbury Dough Boy.  I saw the glorious box of holiday cookies and I ran to turn the oven on immediately.  And well, long story short if you haven’t already noticed, I tend to eat away my emotions…needless to say, I owe these cookies my partial sanity.

{they’re like little edible golden coins with cats in the center}




Author: blooberries

student. vegetarian. coffee addict. photo enthusiast. experimental videographer. wannabe blogger. :)

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