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checking in

heyo!  So as much as I wanted to close out blooberries {the original} on that final post, I have made some CSE errors and welp, I’m back just to make a couple clarifications.  First off, yes the URL for this site has changed, my bad.  There are now three yes, three “s” tagged onto my url as opposed to the original single “s” for my first blog.  Now that error is sort of explained more here, but to be quite honest, I have no idea what happened.  Anyway, in case you were wondering what I’ve been up to since June 12, 2013, you can check out my new and current blog HERE!  So I will just leave it at that, and I hope to see you over there at bloberriess with two “s”!  xoxo blooberries

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So I originally started this blog to document my senior year in high school. And now that the is year quickly coming to a screeching halt, I cannot help but look back fondly on all the memories, documented and undocumented, from the past eight months, and more importantly, the past seventeen and a half years.

I began this year with an open heart ready to dream. All I wanted was to find the perfect college and see what the future had in store for me. But as the college applications became more of a burden as anticipated, and as my heavy course load proved to be the most challenging yet, I unintentionally began to resort to a bitter sense of anxiety. Not a day would go by without me wishing that it was almost over. But now that it really is almost over, I regret the rush I so dearly wished upon. What I would give to travel back in time for just a glimpse at the past. Just for a moment, a moment to appreciate the little things, the simpler times. If only I could go back to the times when I sat on my back porch with JBird coloring page after page to our hearts desire. I think there will always be a part of me that will hold on to my childhood, but by no means would I want to take a trip to Neverland. It is time to move on and close this chapter of my life.

Now this post may seem rather choppy. Well, there is a reason for that. I have been writing this post over the course of a week or so. I have not been emotionally stable enough to sit down and write everything all down in one shot. But as I sit awake in bed at 1:33AM Monday night, I remember that I only have so many hours left until graduation arrives. In fact, to those of you reading this now, I will either be graduating as you read, or already a high school graduate, as I plan to schedule this post for 5pm, Wednesday, June 12th, the exact day and time of my high school graduation.

I honestly do not know where to begin. But I guess it would be pretty obvious to start off with my friends. Oh goodness, all the good, and all the bad. We have been through all sorts of things together. Some of us have been through all of grade school by each others’ side. What perplexes me is how such a unique, yet totally similar group of eleven {*I cannot think of the word I want to use for the life of me, and it will literally haunt me forever} girls that get along so well. Now do not get me wrong, we have had our ups and downs, but no matter what, we have all managed to stay close friends and get through it all. From the hurt feelings, to the laughter triggered bladder leaks, we have stood side by side to conquer what we call high school. But now we are all about to part our separate ways in a few months…and I really cannot imagine what my life would be like without you guys. And I could go on and on and ONNNN about how deeply saddened I am about having to leave all of you, but ultimately, I would not trade our friendships for anything in the entire world. You guys mean everything to me, and even though we will all be thousands of mils apart, and heading our separate ways, I am grateful for the time we have had. Not many high schoolers can say they have had the same group of friends for six to thirteen years. And although I am typing this holding back a flood of tears, in the wise words of Dr. Seuss, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Gurl $coutz, Class of 2013, it’s been fun. It’s been real. And sure, I guess it has been real fun too. Peace, love, and blooberries out.

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Ugh. So senior year is coming to a close, and I have been busier then ever. Between grad parties, graduation practices, baccalaureate, and all the in between, I have yet to find time to update blooberries. I would love to upload a million pictures of the recent graduation events, but I have been so overwhelmed with everything, that it makes me too sad to do so…….. also, do not be surprised if you do not hear from me on here for a while….I will be in too much shock and overcome by a blur of sadness and happiness to be able to say or do much via the blogging world….so if you will, please excuse me as I crawl back into my cocoon to reverse metamorphosis, and until we meet again, xoxo blooberries.

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oops and vegersary

So yea, I realize that yesterday I did not post on blueberries…like at all.  #sadlyfe.  Anyway, with the year quickly coming to a close, life has just been busy.  Filled with moments of nostalgia mixed with anxiety.  Now by no means is this post a goodbye or a reminiscent reflection of the past eighteen years of my life {but do not fret, that post is soon to come}.  But rather an excuse for my lack of a written or photographic post yesterday.  However, yesterday was quite the significant day for me {and my stomach}.  June 5th marks the day I decided to become a vegetarian!  It has been quite the year.  It actually was not as difficult as I thought it would be to avoid meat for an entire year.  

When I first made the decision to become a vegetarian, I had no idea how long it would last.  At first I felt inferior and self-conscious to proclaim myself as a vegetarian.  I thought, “who am I to call myself a vegetarian if I have only been doing it for a month?”  But twelve months later, I am proud to say I am a vegetarian, and I plan on being one for as long as I can resist the temptation {more like gag reflexes} of meat.  So cheers to you, plants.

{are you not lucky?  Since I missed a post yesterday….that means you get TWO posts today. #wut}

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Youngblood Hawke & Moon Parties


Today was quite the eventful day! I got to sleep in and then I made some spam musubi to take to our calculus party. The calc party was rather awkward at first, but then we left to go Make Music Pasadena to see Youngblood Hawke! It was quite the shindig, being pressed up against hot and sweaty drunk men. Poor Mannah was struggling behind a very tipsy dude. Not to mention the fact that a lot of people around us were casually smoking pot. But hey, that’s the norm with these types of things. And then after we went to get some pizzaaaa. So yummy. Buah hah hah. And now we are chillin at my place making s’mores! Holla at it. {Ps.  Do not worry, I did not bring a plate of spam to the calculus party looking like that, it was a pyramid of bite sized pieces!  I just could not decide how to cut it, so I tried out both and forgot to take a picture of the final plate.  And yes, I am still a vegetarian, but I still make my famous spam musubi!}20130601-220458.jpg